Even when photographed images are used, if they are not properly arranged in perspective, it is impossible
to acquire a real three-dimensional image in the game's eyes. In order to accomplish a three-dimensional
effect, for the first time we used a technology with four levels of depth, as each level comprises of different
type of greenery and gets obscure at 5, 10, 15 and 20 meters in depth. Thanks to this unique,
technology for obtaining 3D effect in combination with 100% real images, we succeeded to create this
masterpiece and changed entirely the course of camouflage history.  
In the past 20 years the camouflage patterns are being painted by hand and have not experienced any
technological changes. Therefore, inspired by the modern technologies, we decided to create a unique pattern –
one new conception,
absolutely real and most effective in the history of camouflage so far. And we succeeded!
Photocamouflage® is the first in the world camouflage developed using the latest technologies in photography
and print of real images. For its creation are used natural elements in combination with perfect
4 layers 3D
projection and thanks to them Photocamouflage® achieved the only by its kind 100% real camouflage effect
In order to offer you most affordable prices of our products, they will not be promoted by medias. We are confident that you will
highly appreciate the precise realistic projection of the patterns and their efficiency on the hunting field, and we will be happy if you
recommend us to your acquaintances and friends who share our blood group of the passionate hunters and we guarantee that our
invention will reserve its affordable price and for future.
The camouflage designs of REALTREE, Advantage, Mossy Oak and others, still use patterns drawn by artists,
which have not anything in common with reality or additionally lose their “realistic effect” at the color-
separation process or due to the outdated print technology. Every reasonable person knows that one
painted pattern cannot achieve such a good camouflage effect
in comparison to one entirely real projection
of natural elements. Thanks to the print made by RGST (Real Graphic Sublimation Technology), we
succeeded to preserve the authentic reality and after the textile print.  
Even the best of all patterns you know manage to acquire a camouflage effect hardly after the 30th meter. Sometimes the same
effect can be achieved dressed in plain-colored clothes. Thanks to Photocamouflage® the hunter becomes literally part of the
surrounding scenery only at the 10th meter. After all it is important to remember that for successful hunting you should be still and
Those patterns are developed in Europe and after they have been continuously tested in USA, Russia, Japan,
South Africa and Europe, they have proved that there is no better solution on the market than the real
photo-projection used in Boreal and Warm
climate zones worldwide, as the greenery used for development of  
® is the same and predominates in those climatic zones not only in Europe, but in Asia and
Worldwide Suitable
Unbeatable efficiency
What makes us different?
The Unique 4 Layer Technology
Maximum comfort
The textiles on which the camouflage is printed are especially developed by our specialists to meet the
highest requirements of quietness, lightness, durability and sun-protection, and they have no analogue in
the hunting industry. Some of the fabrics combine double-layer technologies providing you with ultimate
comfort. We invented
two lelayers technology textiles with 100% cotton inside layer – a guarantee for
moisture absorption and body comfort, and 100% polyester face side, providing maximum strength, sun-
protection and fast evaporation of moisture.
All textiles correspond to the highest standards of breathability, as those supplied with
membranes secure you to stay dry nevertheless it is snowing or pouring rain. Thanks to used nano-
technologies the water-protective textiles are non-wetting and do not allow water to penetrate the fabric
and make the clothes heavier.
The most affordable solution
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The Invention